Take Dr. John West’s ProTaper Gold Challenge

The endodontic landscape has changed a lot during Dr. John West’s career, but one of the most notable changes from when he began and today is his mental approach from patient to patient. In a recent article in Endodontic Practice, Dr. West describes how switching from ProTaper Universal to ProTaper Gold has affected this mental approach. Yes, you’re able to better follow the original canal anatomy with the improved file system, and the gold metallurgy is game changing, but what makes it so different for Dr. West is being able to go from fear to fun when shaping curved, calcified canals.

Fear of file breakage can weigh heavily on the mind when treating difficult canal systems, but the innovative changes introduced with ProTaper Gold create a difference that both clinicians and their staff will notice.

“I have lost my fear of the catastrophic spontaneous fracture that has happened to all of us from time to time even with a perfect Glidepath, new files, a light touch, and an unhurried treatment appointment time.”
– Dr. John West

What exactly is the difference?

In his article, Dr. West states three main reasons why practitioners should go Gold.

  1. The improved shapes are structurally appropriate for cleaning, disinfection and obturation.
  2. The gold metallurgy allows files to better follow the canal and only carve the necessary dentin, creating safer shapes. ProTaper Universal’s somewhat stiff structure can create a plowing motion when shaping as opposed to sculpting.
  3. The efficiency is noticeably greater because there’s less shaping time. Dr. West states that just by upgrading to ProTaper Gold, it’s like learning a new skill that improves confidence and allows for a less stressful procedure.

Take Dr. West’s ProTaper Gold Challenge

You may be wondering whether ProTaper Gold is appropriate for your practice. Dr. West has a simple challenge for clinicians. The easiest way to experience the difference ProTaper Gold can make for your practice is to test it against your current file system. Dr. West recommends loading two banker sponges, one 21 mm and the other 25 mm, and implement them in just one of your treatment operatories for one week, using them for all cases in that operatory.  Make sure to take plenty of notes focusing on the differences between ProTaper Gold and your current files. As Dr. West states, at the end of the week, you will know the truth – your truth, because the best education in this world is your own.

Click here to read Dr. West’s full article and learn more about his experience using ProTaper Gold.

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