WaveOne Gold – #24 with Three Canals

Name: Rodrigo Sanches Cunha, DDS MSc PhD FRCD(C)
Products: WaveOne Gold
Location: Winnipeg, MB

Nice case using WaveOne Gold on tooth #24, which was previously accessed by the referring dentist. Coronal area was preflared with ProTaper S1. Glidepath was established with Lexicon #10 and ProGlider.

Shaping Protocol: WaveOne Gold Primary #25

Disinfection Protocol: NaOCl + EDTA + Sonic Activation

Obturation: Gutta-Percha + Sealer

Pre-Op Radiograph Pre-Op Radiograph (Click to enlarge)

Initial Canal Exploration Initial Canal Exploration (Click to enlarge)

Working Length Radiograph Working Length Radiograph (Click to enlarge)

Post-Op Radiograph  
Post-Op Radiograph

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