WaveOne Gets Gilded – Introducing WaveOne Gold

The popular WaveOne Reciprocating File has received a golden upgrade. WaveOne Gold incorporates the metallurgical advancements of Gold wire and builds on the success of the original WaveOne reciprocating file technique taught in leading universities. WaveOne Gold replaces the original WaveOne product line and is a comprehensive system-based approach to endodontics that includes matching absorbent points, precision machined gutta-percha points, gutta-percha core obturators and size verifiers.

Designed in collaboration with Drs. Sergio Kuttler, Cliff Ruddle, Julian Webber and Wilhelm Pertot, WaveOne Gold features a proprietary leap forward in endodontic file metallurgy, improving flexibility by 80 percent* over the first generation of WaveOne. For enhanced safety, WaveOne Gold boasts increased resistance to cyclic fatigue, the number one cause of file separation. Also new is the parallelogram-shaped cross section, which helps improve cutting efficiency and debris removal within the canal.

By employing a variable taper rather than a constant taper, WaveOne Gold files perform better in smaller and narrower canal anatomy. Extending the range of files by one to include Small, Primary, Medium and Large in 21, 25 and 31 mm lengths allows the dentist to cover a broader anatomical range of cases. Every file includes an ISO-colored silicone stopper. The tip sizes match ISO standard sizing in 020, 025, 035 and 045 and the smaller maximum fluted diameters help conserve coronal dentin.

GuttaCore Crosslinked Gutta Percha Core Obturators are available in ISO tip sizes and can be used with the WaveOne Gold system.

Also part of the upgrade are the variable taper WaveOne Gold gutta-percha points that match the individual files to predictably fit the shaped root canal. The micronized formulation delivers gutta-percha 4.5 mm beyond the heat source.

WaveOne Gold files are pre-sterilized in packs of three and designed to be used with the proprietary reciprocating motion provided by the ProMark and e3 Endodontic Motors available from DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties.

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* Internal Laboratory Testing Results
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