How to Verify Size & Working Length with the GuttaCore Size Verifier

Using a size verifier is critical in the optimal placement of an obturation device such as GuttaCore. To ensure proper apical size and working length every time, the shape verification and working length process can be broken down into six steps.

1. Set the silicone stopper at working length using the calibration mark on the size verifier. It should reach the apical constriction passively, with no significant resistance or twisting.

2. The .02 taper of a hand file will not verify the .045 taper and shape desired.

3. Check passivity by taking the size verifier to working length and rotating in the canal 360 degrees.

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4. The size verifier may be used as a finishing file to gently enlarge the canal terminus if the size verifier is slightly short of working length, you can use it to enlarge to your working length by rotating it in a clockwise direction while exerting slight apical pressure, or select a smaller size verifier. Take a radiograph to confirm that the size verifier has reached the working length.

5. Select an obturator based on the passive fit of the size verifier.

6. The silicone stopper should be used to set working length with calibration marks prior to placement.

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