Unexpected Lateral Canals No Match for Micronized Gutta-Percha

Name: Shawn Velez, DDS
Location: Aiken, SC
Tooth: #30 & #31
Instruments: ProTaper Next, QMix 2in1

When using the next generation of Dentsply Sirona’s micronized gutta-percha master cones, I’m regularly seeing lateral canals and accessory canals that I don’t always expect. This case on tooth #30 and #31 was one of those instances.

Diagnosis was symptomatic irreversible pulpitis with normal apical periodontium. The two molars (#30 and #31) were instrumented within two weeks of one another. Protocol employed was: Pathfile, followed by ProTaper Next to size X2 (25/.06), copious EDTA, NaOCl, and QMix 2in1 as the final rinse with lots of EndoActivator. Obturation was completed with the new formulation of Dentsply Sirona Endodontics gutta-percha cones and Thermaseal Plus Ribbon sealer. The micronized formula and reliable heat flow beyond the source gives me that unprecedented ability to reach those lateral canals.  Additionally, separation of the apical down pack and heat source is clean and easy .

Lateral Canals in #30 & #31 Pre-Op
Lateral Canals in #30 & #31 Post-Op
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