Dentaltown Townie Choice Winners Announced

2016 Dentaltown Townie Choice AwardsLast year, readers of Dentaltown, a publication dedicated to aiding clinicians in practicing high-quality dentistry, voted in throngs for their favorite products that help them practice better, safer and more efficient dentistry in the annual Townie Choice Awards®. Dentsply Sirona extends a heartfelt thank you to all the loyal customers who voted. As a result of those votes, we’re honored to be named among the winners of 2016 in the following categories.

Files/Reamers: Engine-Driven Files
ProTaper Family of Files

The ProTaper line of endodontic files brings predictability and efficiency to shaping, beginning with the trusted performance of ProTaper Universal. Taking the same geometries and technique, ProTaper Gold enhances its flexibility with advanced metallurgy, while ProTaper Next offers a unique offset design with M-Wire for increased resistance to cyclic fatigue.

Gutta-Percha Points
ProTaper & Lexicon

The precision machined points and micronized formula deliver warm gutta-percha 4.5 mm beyond the heat source and matches the shapes created by ProTaper NEXT and ProTaper Gold rotary files. The gutta-percha points are made in the USA and are not made with natural rubber latex. Lexicon gutta-percha points are available in ISO sizes 15-120 in ISO colors or non-colored.

Obturation Devices and Systems
GuttaCore Crosslinked Gutta-Percha Core Obturators

GuttaCore obturators are the first cross-linked gutta-percha core obturators to deliver warm gutta-percha throughout the canal system. GuttaCore is designed to create a dense, 3-D fill in minutes and the crosslinked gutta-percha core removes easily. It’s the same gutta-percha transformed with subtle, flexible strength that retains its shape when heated.

Handpieces: Rotary Endodontics
ProMark Endo & e3 Torque Control Motors

The ProMark Endo and E3 Torque Control Motors are designed for rotary and reciprocating instruments. Each motor includes pre-programmed settings for all your favorite Dentsply Sirona files in addition to customizable file sequences.

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