Three Videos, Ten Cases – Why Nashville Loves ProTaper Gold

If Nashville is music city, then ProTaper Gold has brought music to these clinicians ears. In these three videos, clinicians of Endodontic Associates of Nashville explain why this file system checks all their boxes for creating predictable shapes.

Dr. Bindu Soni

Whether it’s complex anatomy or limited access, the toughest cases can produce fears of file separation and ledging. Using case examples, hear Dr. Bindu Soni describe how ProTaper Gold has eliminated these fears.


Dr. Mark Freeland

For Dr. Mark Freeland, ProTaper Gold gives him the confidence to tackle difficult cases.

“ProTaper Gold has given me the confidence to tackle difficult cases like the ones shown here – cases with sharp s-curves, four separate canals, multiple mesial canals in the lower second molar, long roots and difficult access.”

Watch the video to see five of Dr. Freeland’s most difficult cases.


Dr. Chris Cain

With countless rotary file systems on the market, clinicians need established criteria to determine which file systems best meets their needs. For Dr. Chris Cain those criteria are:

1. Efficiency
2. Consistency
3. Limitless Application

Watch the video to hear Dr. Cain describe how the file meets these criteria.


Learn more about ProTaper Gold

Watch Dr. Jim Gutmann demonstrate the ProTaper Gold technique.

Read a case from Dr. Larry Farsakian involving four canals on tooth #30.

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