Slip-N-Slide #31

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Pt presented for treatment of #31. Symptoms: None, “told I had a large filling and may need a root canal.”
Radiographs showed distal carious lesion on #31 that extends within 0.5mm from pulp chamber. No pdl widening, no loss of lamina dura, no crestal bone loss. Composite restoration on occlusal. Mesial roots curve.
DX: #31 – AIP/Normal
Treatment options discussed with patient and patient was given a chance to ask any questions prior to starting treatment. Patient informed that we will excavate the decay and determine if caries extends into the pulp chamber, at which point the tooth would require RCT. Patient consented to treatment prior to start.
Local anesthetic administered. Rubber dam placed with size 14 clamp. Existing caries removed, occlusion reduced, caries extends into pulp chamber, and pulp chamber accessed. 4 canals found. Patency established on all canals and WL measured with EAL and size 10 K file. 6% NaOCl used to irrigate canals throughout entire procedure. Canals instrumented with (Pathfile, ProTaper, and Vortex Blue)rotary files. Patency re-established and new irrigation in-between rotary files. Gutta-percha master cones placed in canals and check radiograph taken. Final rinse with 17% EDTA. Canals dried with paper points, master cones rolled in BC sealer and placed in canals. Canals obturated with gutta-percha using continuous wave technique. Sponge was placed over the gutta-percha and the tooth was temporized with Cavit.

Name: Bryan Allgeier, DDS

University: Saint Louis University

Pre-Op Radiograph

Post-Op Radiograph

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