Shaping Canals of All Sizes with WaveOne Gold

No canal is the same. This is why WaveOne Gold files come in four sizes to accommodate different anatomies. While the majority of canals can be shaped with a single WaveOne Gold primary file, there will be some exceptional cases. In this series of videos, Dr. Wilhelm Pertot demonstrates the techniques with which to tackle differently shaped canals using the WaveOne Gold system.

Primary Technique

First, Dr. Pertot discusses the technique for WaveOne Gold primary files, which will be suitable for most cases.



Small Canal Technique

However, not every canal is going to be able to reach working length of the primary file. Dr. Pertot explains, “In exceedingly small canals, the WaveOne Gold small file can be a godsend.” Between the different sizes of files in the WaveOne Gold family, almost any type of canal can be shaped confidently and predictably.



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