Research: WaveOne Gold’s Heat Treatment Has Lessening Influence on Dentinal Crack Formation

Effects of 6 Single-File Systems on Dentinal Crack Formation

​Eugenio Pedullà, PhD, DDS, Francesco Genovesi, DDS, Silvia Rapisarda, DDS, Giusy R.M. La Rosa, DDS, Nicola M. Grande, PhD, DDS, Gianluca Plotino, PhD, DDS, Carlos G. Adorno, PhD, DDS

The purpose of this study was to compare the formation of microcracks after canal preparation performed with different single-file systems, including WaveOne Gold.

All the instruments tested created dentinal cracks. Within the limitations of this study, the flexibility of nickel-titanium instruments because of heat treatment seems to have a significant influence on dentinal crack formation. WaveOne Gold and HyFlex EDM caused less microcracks than the other instruments tested.

Read the full abstract at this link.

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