Research: Less Debris Extrusion While Using WaveOne Gold

Apically Extruded Debris in Curved Root Canals Using the WaveOne Gold Reciprocating and Twisted File Adaptive Systems

Daiana Boijink, MSc, Débora Delai Costa, MSc, Carolina Bender Hoppe, MSc, Patrícia Maria Polli Kopper, PhD, Fabiana Saores Grecca, PhD

The purpose of this study was to evaluate apical debris extrusion associated with different kinematics in curved root canals.

Under the conditions of this study, all of the instrumentation systems caused apical debris extrusion to some degree. The WaveOne Gold reciprocating system was associated with less debris extrusion in curved root canals compared with the manual technique and the Twisted File Adaptive system although the difference between the WaveOne Gold and Twisted File Adaptive systems was not significant.

Read the full abstract at this link.

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