Research: GuttaCore’s Cross-Linked Obturators Perform Well in Quantitative Volumetric Analysis

Percentage of Gutta-percha Filled Areas in Canals Obturated with Cross-linked Gutta-percha Core-carrier Systems, Single-Cone and Lateral Compaction Technique

‚ÄčZogheib C, Hanna M, Pasqualini D, Naaman A. Quantitative volumetric analysis of cross-linked gutta-percha obturators. Ann Stomatol (Roma). 2016;7(3):46-51.

This study shows the efficiency of cross-linked obturators (like GuttaCore) in filling root canals hermetically by comparing them to the warm vertical compaction technique. Results show that these obturation techniques were equally sufficient concerning apical adaptation, making them appropriate to use in endodontic obturations.

Read the full abstract here.


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