Research: Effect of Instrument Design in Retreatment

Effect of Instrument Design and Access Outlines on the Removal of Root Canal Obturation Materials in Oval-shaped Canals

Niemi TK, Marchesan MA Lloyd A, et al. J Endod. 2016. In Press.

This study analyzed the efficacy of TRUShape instruments compared with ProFile Vortex Blue instruments in removing obturation material for retreatment. The study was conducted using 24 single-canal mandibular premolars, divided into two groups by access outline: Contracted Endodontic Cavity (CEC) and Traditional Endodontic Cavity (TEC). The results indicated that while neither instrument completely eliminated all obturation materials, when using a CEC access design, TRUShape instruments removed more obturation material in single-rooted oval-shaped canals.

Read the full abstract here.

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