Reproducible Shapes with ProTaper Next

Name: Darron R. Rishwain, DDS, Endodontist
Instrument: ProTaper Next
Tooth: #30 (FDI #46)
Location: San Rafael, CA

Post-Op Radiograph
Post-op Radiograph (Click to Enlarge)

Shaping Protocol: Initial access, pre-enlargement of the canals with hand files, Gates Glidden drills 1-4, reconfirm patency, then ProTaper Next (yellow-black) with apical refinement via hand files.

Obturation: Warm vertical obturation (Schilder Technique).

“ProTaper NEXT rotary files cut with amazing efficiency and safety while creating reproducible shapes in every case. The file’s unique motion emulates Schilder’s “envelope of motion” with alternating points of contact that facilitate efficient debris removal. I’ve not used an instrument that leaves canals so debris-free.”

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