Peek-a-boo! 3rd Canal in #5

Products: ProUltra Endo Tip 4, ProTaper SX Gold orifice shaper, ProFile rotary system

The patient presented to our graduate endodontic clinic with pain associated with tooth #5. Tooth #5 was diagnosed with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis and symptomatic apical periodontitis. Root canal therapy was completed in two visits with interim calcium hydroxide used as an intracanal medicament. Upon negotiation of the canal system, a significantly tighter buccal canal was noted compared to the large lingual canal and a second buccal canal was suspected. A ProUltra Endo Tip 4 ultrasonic was used to trough the buccal orifice and a DB canal was located. The three canals were instrumented using ProTaper SX Gold orifice shaper and ProFile system with 6% NaOCl and 17%EDTA. The canal system was obturated with warm vertical condensation using Calamus obturation system to backfill. The patient was referred back to her dentist for final restoration of the tooth.

Name: Carolin Ibrahim

University: Indiana University



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