International Gold Rush

You don’t have to be a miner to appreciate the brilliance of gold… or hail from any particular country. In the following videos, three clinicians from across the globe explain how they hit paydirt changing from ProTaper Universal to ProTaper Gold.

Dr. Antonio Ginjeira, Lisbon Portugal

Here, Dr Ginjeira explains the benefits of ProTaper Gold in problematic s-shaped canals, including its use in a clinical study at the University of Lisbon Dental School.

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Dr. Sarah Attal, Paris France

Dr. Attal explains how easy it is to move from ProTaper Universal to ProTaper Gold, and why you shouldn’t hesitate to make the switch.

Using ProTaper Gold, Dr. Attal experiences a feeling of:
• Quality
• Security
• Comfort

“Going from ProTaper Universal to ProTaper Gold has been easy; I was ready to adopt them right after my first time trying them.”

Dr. Fernando Minambres, La Coruna Spain

Press play to hear how ProTaper Gold helps Dr. Minambres acheive more predictable clincal results.

“I recommend you use ProTaper Gold because it’s a system we already know, with the additional benefits of the gold metallurgy.”

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