Increase Your Endodontic Referrals with a Practice Consultant

Increasing Endodontic Referrals with a Practice Consultant


One of the most significant concerns that the modern endodontic specialist must address is that of facilitating referrals from general dentists. Whether you are new to practicing in a particular area or are seeking to connect with dentists who are hesitant to refer their patients out, endodontists of all experience levels know just what a challenge this concept can be.


Unlike an orthodontist or oral surgeon, endodontic specialists are generally not sought by patients without a referral from their general dentist. It takes a unique and precise approach to facilitate and nurture partnerships with other providers in your area.


If you're a general dentist, you might want to read about what to look for when referring to an endodontist.


Creating New Referral Sources


Dr. James Eaton is an endodontist at Blue Creek Endodontics, which serves the greater Boise, ID area. He’s been working with a Practice Consultant, Sabrina Shalz, to expedite everything from procedures and inventory management to establishing a robust endodontic referral program with local general practitioners.


As a Practice Consultant with Dentsply Sirona, Sabrina aids Dr. Eaton in managing his product supplies and showing him compatible products that work together well…but she also routinely introduces him to other dentists in the area. This networking process has expedited the Boise endodontist’s ability to increase referrals with local providers, even though he hasn’t been in the area for very long.


Dr. Eaton initially began working with Sabrina to ensure that his specialty practice was equipped with the specific materials and products that he would need for the quality that his patients and endodontic referrals expected. However, he soon found out that their working relationship went far beyond just inventory management.


“From day one of moving to a new area to open my endodontic practice [Sabrina] has helped ensure that my transition into the dental community goes smoothly.”


An Open-Door Policy


One publication in the Journal of General Dentistry suggests that a general dentist’s best experience in choosing their referral sources revolved around spending time in the specialist’s office


Recently, Dr. Eaton sponsored a referring dentist appreciation event. Not only had Sabrina helped to arrange door prizes for the reception, she was there alongside Dr. Eaton to greet each of the practitioners that stopped by to see the new facility. She also worked to introduce other providers in the area to Boise’s newest endodontist, so that they could establish a professional relationship and work together to provide their patients with valuable treatment.


Being a Practice Consultant isn’t just about sharing products and equipment updates with Dentsply Sirona customers. It’s about going the extra mile to help endodontists expand their services to surrounding practitioners that they hadn’t been in contact with before. Once those patients are referred and seen by Dr. Eaton, his Dentsply Sirona Endodontics supplies just further guarantee a process where the entire system works smoothly from start to finish.


“[Sabrina] has gone above and beyond that which is required of your average dental rep,” Dr. Eaton says, “I would highly recommend working with Dentsply Sirona…not only for their great products, but for their friendships and eagerness to see each practitioner succeed. Thanks for all that you do for me and each member of my team.”


Assisting Established Practices in Professional Development Programs


This isn’t Sabrina’s first success with helping endodontists increase their referrals. Dr. Matt Buhrley of Buhrley Endodontics & Microsurgery in Meridian, ID has also been working with her to add multi-faceted value to their established specialty practice; in this case, for several years.


In many situations, this involves Sabrina relaying questions regarding techniques and endodontic procedures from local dentists, allowing Dr. Buhrley to establish a direct, personal relationship with other practitioners.


Eventually, this led to the need for Dr. Buhrley to organize local discussions and continuing education meetings with general dentists in the surrounding area. He says that the CE facet of his endodontic practice has been one of the most valuable benefits of partnering with a Dentsply Sirona Practice Consultant.


As endodontic marketing experts with the American Association of Endodontists agree, hosting a private continuing education meeting is one of the best ways to increase endodontic referrals. The AAE states that “55% of dentists say that being invited to a professional learning event is an effective way for endodontists to build their relationship with them.” Through events such as these, endodontists can facilitate more personal relationships with area dentists, gradually gaining their trust as a referral source.


The Journal of General Dentistry also suggests that “[General] dentists…need to create relationships with the nearest specialists to learn as much as they can about their techniques, how these procedures may change their office routines, and where their limitations should be.”


For providers like Dr. Buhrley who haven’t previously hosted a CE or study club meeting before, having a Practice Consultant guide them through the process can save valuable time and energy.


During the private courses, Sabrina works directly with Dr. Buhrley to bring the tools and knowledge of advanced endodontic procedures to general dentists and potential new referral sources, allowing him to share his experiences and advice with them. “This has been a great way to stay in contact with referrers and meet new practitioners,” he says, “[Sabrina’s] work has brought value beyond the usual dentist-vendor relationship.”


General dentists are interested in coming to similar courses to expand their skills and further cement their decision as to when a referral is appropriate. As one Dentistry IQ author says, it’s “more productive to refer out the difficult [endodontic] procedures and patients.” It can just take a bit of time and education before a provider is willing to hand their patient over to someone they otherwise weren’t previously acquainted with.


Because of her extensive experience as a Dentsply Sirona Endodontics consultant, Sabrina and other Practice Consultants like her have experienced numerous educational and networking meetings. Understanding what works and doesn’t work allows them to troubleshoot meeting challenges before they even come up.


“Sabrina has been a great asset to our practice…in addition to keeping us current with our supplies and equipment, she’s a great source of information regarding the general dentists in the area… She helps us to identify changes within offices…which enables us to grow our business.”


Your Experts in Facilitating Endodontic Referrals


Most people recognize Dentsply Sirona for their high quality endodontic systems that allow procedures to systematically work in an efficient, predictable manner. But like many new customers learn, working with a Practice Consultant from Dentsply Sirona Endodontics is just one of the many valuable benefits of partnering with the leading product manufacturer.


From implementing innovative solutions in the day-to-day practice setting to facilitating established relationships with local providers, the Practice Consultants from Dentsply Sirona are responsible for much of the legwork that goes on in building an endodontic referral network. This multi-faceted approach toward customers not only assists in facilitating efficient procedures, but helps grow businesses, too.


Contact Dentsply Sirona Endodontics today to learn more about the unique Practice Consultant programs available to expand endodontic referrals in your area.

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