The GuttaCore Technique: 8 Steps to a Complete Fill

You need your gutta-percha to go the distance, but cold lateral techniques can leave gaps and voids in intricate areas, while warm vertical techniques can fail to warm the all-important last 3-5 mm of the master cone. Using the GuttaCore technique, clinical studies show its warm flowability delivers the highest gutta-percha content with fewer apical and coronal voids than any other technique.1

With the GuttaCore technique, you can achieve a more complete fill of warm gutta-percha in just 8 simple steps.

Step 1. Flare the canal coronally. Select the same size obturator when finishing at a.06 taper. Select one size smaller than the last file taken to working length when finishing at a .04 taper.

Step 2. Confirm the shape of the canal with a GuttaCore size verifier, ensuring 360 degree rotation at working length. Select the corresponding obturator size.

Step 3. Irrigate the canal. Dry with absorbent points. Apply a very thin coating of sealer throughout the canal system and remove excess sealer with additional paper points.

Step 4. Using the calibration rings on the obturator, set the working length.

Step 5. Heat the obturator in the GuttaCore oven.

Step 6. In one continuous motion place the warmed cone into the canal to working length. It should take 7-10 seconds from oven to placement.

Step 7. Remove the placement handle at the orifice by bending side to side, using a round bur, or an inverted cone bur, or a sharp spoon excavator.

Step 8. For best results, fill one canal at a time. Avoid overflow of gutta-percha by placing absorbent points in the unfilled canals. Clean the canal chamber and create an occulusial leakage barrier with a composite restorative.

1. Li GH, Niu LN, Selem LC, Eid AA, Bergeron BE, Chen JH, Pashley DH, Tay FR. Quality of obturation achieved by an endodontic core-carrier system with crosslinked gutta-percha carrier in single-rooted canals. J Dent. 2014 Sep;42(9):1112-34.

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