The Golden 4-for-4

Did you know two Dentsply Sirona products that countless clinicians know and trust have received a golden upgrade? WaveOne and ProTaper Universal are names you’ve grown to trust. And now each brand has been given a thermal upgrade, with increased flexibility, greater cutting efficiency and much more.

Four ways ProTaper’s new golden upgrade outshines its impressive predecessor

  • Safety first

ProTaper Gold lives up to its name with a new golden look and advanced metallurgy, but one of the more intriguing aspects of this upgrade is the file’s non-cutting tip. The design allows each instrument in the series to safely maneuver through the canal, while the flat area covering the tip makes it easier to manipulate the soft tissue and debris that oftentimes makes a procedure problematic.

  • The name you trust

ProTaper Gold may have impressive new features, but it doesn’t stray away from what made its predecessor so dependable. The simplistic, smooth capabilities of ProTaper Universal are perfected in ProTaper Gold with evenly tapered shapes and predictable procedure performance. Experience the brilliance of ProTaper Gold’s advancement in file flexibility that you’ve come to expect from Dentsply Sirona.

  • By specialists, for specialists

The specialists have spoken. The best feedback comes directly from the source, and we’ve tailored our ProTaper Gold files to perfectly suit clinicians by focusing on addressing the needs of their patients. Improvements in cutting efficiency, a patented design and a shorter handle to aid tooth accessibility make ProTaper Gold a file clinicians and patients can trust.

  • Customize your practice 

Patients want to know their specialized needs are met, and with ProTaper Gold’s series of files, specialists can match their abilities with an extensive amount of interchangeable file combinations to fashion a personalized procedure.

Four reasons WaveOne Gold is the essential file for your practice

  • Safety first

Similar to the ProTaper Gold files, WaveOne Gold is focused on safety and efficiency. Building on the success of WaveOne’s ability to set the standard in root canal shaping, the gold upgrade revitalizes the single-file method once again by concentrating on patient safety without sacrificing productivity.

  • Enhanced metallurgy

The metallurgy of WaveOne gets a visible golden thermal upgrade that’s combined with an optimized cross section that will streamline any practice. The optimized tip diameter and reinforced metallurgy of WaveOne Gold is a formula for single-file success. Dentsply Sirona gold products have increased flexibility across the board, and WaveOne Gold is the epitome of endo resilience. The undeniably impressive resistance to cyclic fatigue and drastic advancements in cutting capability make WaveOne Gold a leader in single-file treatment. 

  • Four Sizes

WaveOne Gold is now offered in four different sizes to accommodate a wide range of procedures. The four sizes are shaped to help access specific canal morpholgies, and combined with the corresponding gutta-percha points or obturators, WaveOne Gold is both adaptable and user-friendly.

  • Reciprocating Motion

WaveOne Gold has a number of advancements, but with the reciprocating file, procedure shaping time is reduced by 19 percent compared to WaveOne, and 47 percent compared to standard NiTi. This motion will not only be safe, but the efficiency is what makes WaveOne Gold a cut above the rest.

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