Dens in dente Canine

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It case is unique because the patient presented with a partially necrotic canine that had a dens in dente with an incomplete formed apex. The tooth appeared to have no communication between the two canals and tested normal to Endo Ice, positive to percussion, and radiographically appeared to have an apical lesion isolated to the incompletely formed apex of the dens canal. The decision was made to access the dens canal, perform apexification with MTA and back fill with warm vertical technique after thorough instrumention with copius irrigation. The hope was to try to keep vitality of the pulp in the main canal while clearing up the infection in the other. Upon accessing the dens canal there was a communication made with the main canal. The plan changed to completing root canal therapy on both canals with apexificiation of the dens canal apex.

Name: Stanford C Ballard

University: University of Alabama, Burmingham



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