Celebrating Independence Day with Red, White and (Vortex) Blue

Student Wins $5,000 with Help from Vortex Blue

Our Vortex Blue rotary files have been receiving a lot of love lately – they were even featured in the winning case of our 2018 Shape Up Challenge, a challenge designed exclusively for endodontic residents to show off their best clinical cases.

This year, Dr. Strud L. Tutwiler from Saint Louis University brought home the grand prize (an all-expense-paid trip to the 2018 North American Endodontic Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Meeting and a $5,000 scholarship).

Vortex Blue rotary files offer a remarkable leap forward in resistance to cyclic fatigue. The numbers say it all:

  • – Minimum of 65% improvement in cyclic fatigue resistance over M-Wire NiTi.
  • Minimum of 99% improvement in cyclic fatigue resistance over standard NiTi.

The numbers don't lie, but the real differences become apparent when you try Vortex Blue rotary files for yourself. Below, see how Dr. Tutwiler achieved clinical success with the help of Vortex Blue (in addition to some serious brainpower, care and precision).

Dr. Tutwiler's Winning Case – Shape Up Challenge 2018


A 59-year old African American male was referred for NSRCT #13. His chief complaint: "I need a root canal. My dentist said to make the access conservative."

  • –  Previous medical history: Diabetes Mellitus Type II (HbA1c 5), hypertension.
  • –  Past surgical history: Heart bypass in 2012, cardiac stents placed.
  • –  Meds: Metformin, Aspirin, Metoprolol.
  • –  Allergies: No known drug allergies.
  • –  Social: none.



#13 hyperacute lingering pain to cold; pain to palpation (+). Teeth #12 & #14 missing. #13 abutment for removable partial denture. The radiograph showed severe calcification. Lamina dura was within normal limits, with periodontal ligament widening. Previous resin-based composite approximating pulp horn. Intraoral exam revealed resin-based composite on #13-mesiobuccal surface. No swelling, mobility, pain to percussion, or pain to biting. Pocket depth 4mm generalized. Mobility within normal limits. Extraoral examination within normal limits.


Pre-op Radiograph



Diagnosis was #13 Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis with Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis. Prognosis: Excellent.



Informed consent obtained. Options included: no treatment, extraction, NSCRT (selected).

  • –  Local anesthesia 4% Septocaine 1:100,000 epi x 2 carpules (infiltration).
  • –  Rubber dam isolation. Straight-line access obtained. 3 canals identified and instrumented.
  • –  Ultrasonic used with dental operating microscope.
  • –  Mesiobuccal working length 24.5mm (Master Apical File #20), distobuccal working length 23.5 mm (Master Apical File #20), palatal working length 23.5mm (Master Apical File #35). 6% NaOCl, 17% EDTA. Crown Down w/ Vortex Blue NiTi Rotary and PathFiles.
  • –  WL obtained with electronic apex locator, paper points, radiographs. Dried canals. Apical patency maintained. Sealed.
  • –  Continuous Wave Condensation with GP.
  • –  Access restored with resin-based composite.
  • –  Occlusion checked.


Post-op Radiograph

A note from Dentsply Sirona: In rotary file design, increased cyclic fatigue resistance usually comes with a trade-off in torque strength. Vortex Blue rotary files are different. In addition to significantly greater resistance to cyclic fatigue, they offer at least a 42% higher peak torque strength increase over M-Wire NiTi. That’s strength you can count on.

Congrats again to Dr. Tutwiler, and Happy Independence Day to all!

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