Bayonet Root Form

Clinician: Stephen P. Boger, DDS  Minnetonka, MN

Description of the tooth: Tooth #13 with bayonet root form and associated S-curve canal.

Diagnosis: Acute pulpal necrosis

The Situation: A 38-year old female patient presented with acute pain of two-day duration on her upper left side. Clinical and radiographic examination revealed the #13 was the probable cause of her discomfort, and endodontic therapy was recommended. The patient was advised that the tooth had a challenging shape to its root, but Dr. Boger was optimistic about a successful result.

The Procedure: The patient was anesthetized with two carpules of Septocaine and the tooth was isolated with a rubber dam. Access was obtained using a #555 carbide bur and a #8 long shank round bur. After access was obtained, Dr. Boger used ProTaper SX to create straight line access, followed by a #10 K-file to confirm patency and establish working length.

PathFile files 13/16/19 were then used in sequence to establish glide path. Final preparation of the canal was achieved with a small WaveOne Reciprocating File, in conjunction with sodium hypochlorite irrigation.

Obturation was completed with a size #20 GuttaCore Crosslinked Gutta-Percha Core Obturator and ThermaSeal Plus Ribbon root canal sealer. This procedure was completed in one appointment.

Stephen P. Boger, DDS, graduated from Northwestern University Dental School in 1968 and completed a rotating hospital residency at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX in 1969. He has lived and practiced in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, MN for his entire career.

In 1977, he founded Boger Dental and has been a pioneer in the advancement of patient-focused, lifetime dental care, dedicating his career to advocating for the impact a healthy smile can have on a person’s life.


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