Abstract: Reciprocating Single File vs. Full Rotary

“Microtomography-based comparison of reciprocating single-file F2 ProTaper technique versus rotary full sequence.”

J Endod. 2011 Oct;37(10):1394-7. doi: 10.1016/j.joen.2011.06.031. Epub 2011 Aug 6. Paqué F1, Zehnder M, De-Deus G.


A preparation technique with only 1 single instrument was proposed on the basis of the reciprocating movement of the F2 ProTaper instrument. The present study was designed to quantitatively assess canal preparation outcomes achieved by this technique.


Twenty-five extracted human mandibular first molars with 2 separate mesial root canals were selected. Canals were randomly assigned to 1 of the 2 experimental groups: group 1, rotary conventional preparation by using ProTaper, and group 2, reciprocate instrumentation with 1 single ProTaper F2 instrument. Specimens were scanned initially and after root canal preparation with an isotropic resolution of 20 μm by using a micro-computed tomography system. The following parameters were assessed: changes in dentin volume, percentage of shaped canal walls, and degree of canal transportation. In addition, the time required to reach working length with the F2 instrument was recorded.

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