#14 Going on a Bender

Products: Sx ProTaper, ProGlider, Vortex Blue

Pt presented for treatment of #14. Symptoms: Pain to chewing on upper left. Patient has lingering response to cold on #14, no percussion or palpation soreness, no swelling, no parulis, no fever, no lymphadenopathy noted. Occlusal amalgam with secondary decay on mesial of #14. Ingrowth of interproximal tissue into cavitation.

Radiographs showed large carious lesion extending into the pulp chamber of #14. No pdl widening, loss of lamina dura or crestal bone loss.
DX: #14 – SIP/ normal apical tissues

Local anesthetic administered. Rubber dam placed with size 14 clamp. Existing restoration removed, occlusion reduced, and pulp chamber accessed. MB, MB2, DB, and P canals found, MB2 joins MB1. Patency established on all canals and WL measured with EAL and size 10 K file. 6% NaOCl used to irrigate canals throughout entire procedure, final rinse with 17% EDTA and 6% NaOCl. Canals instrumented with Sx to enlarge orifices, ProGlider for pathfile, and Vortex Blue rotary files to 30/04 on buccal canals and 40/04 on palatal canal. Obturation completed with BC sealer and GP. Sponge was placed over the canals and the tooth was temporized with Fuji IX on mesial wall and Cavit over the access.\

Name: Bryan Allgeier

University: Saint Louis University



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