Dental Product Shopper Evaluates WaveOne Gold

The search for endodontic files that cut safely and efficiently while saving valuable chair time is not an easy one, but numerous dentists recently agreed that WaveOne Gold reciprocating files set the standard. The file received a remarkable 4.6 out of 5 when rated by clinicians on criteria such as cutting efficiency, taper, range of file lengths and sizes, flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue and time savings.

Of the numerous clinicians who reviewed the product, Dental Product Shopper highlighted eight perspectives from clinicians who have found the product to be extraordinary in helping them achieve predictable clinical outcomes. Among them was Dr. David Landwehr who found that WaveOne Gold files are perfect for his needs. “WaveOne Gold is the most straightforward, efficient, and effective way to shape the root canal system,” Dr. Landwehr recently told Dental Product Shopper as part of the WaveOne Gold evaluation.

Building on the success of the original WaveOne reciprocating file, WaveOne Gold features enhanced metallurgy for greater flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue, increased cutting efficiency, four file sizes to cover a wider range of canal morphologies and an optimized cross-section.

Click here to download a pdf of Dental Product Shopper’s full evaluation of WaveOne Gold.

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